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Gourmet Magazine       

Gourmet Magazine, March 2007

The brightly lit dining room, occupied by blue collars and Oxford shirts, sounds like a rowdy mess hall. But for all its indecorous democracy, this improbable outpost serves the most elegant fish in the city, maybe the best in the state. Read more> Website, 2007

A grateful tip of the hat to tiki and to Howard Baratz, who both recommended we stop at the White River Fish Market while traveling through Oklahoma. Howard described it at an "old-time Tulsa classic," in business since 1932. This well-worn combination raw fish market and semicafeteria style restaurant northeast of downtown is, in our opinion, a Roadfood gem. Read more>

National Public Radio

"At the White River Fish Market in Tulsa the Sterns prove that great fresh fish in the middle of the Great Plains isn't an oxymoron." Listen to the Show> (Susanna Foo 11/12) Website, 2007

Get out your crackers—and your flippers—for our tour of the summer's best seafood spots. Read more>

Trip Adviser Website, 2007

The first time I ate at White River was when I came to Tulsa in '98 for a job interview. The company was a couple of miles from the airport, but the area was no where near developed as other metro areas. I was taken to a restaurant that looked morel like a Mom and Pop cafe that might serve chicken fried steak and green beans. Don' let this fool you. The seafood is flown in fresh daily and is probably the best you can find anywhere. Read more>

Tulsa.TV Website, 2007

When you walk in, you might be fooled by the cafeteria style layout. BUT the food is absolutely amazing. This is a place you will go to again and again. This really is Tulsa's best seafood. Read more>

AOL City Guide Website, 2007

"Since 1932, White River Fish Market & Seafood Restaurant has specialized in fresh seafood dishes. With so many years of experience under their waterlogged belts, it's no surprise that their recipes have been perfected. Entrees range in price from about $6 to about $11 and include everything from frogs' legs to flounder. While you may order a la carte, the dinner platters include two side orders, plus two hush puppies (sinful cornmeal cakes deep-fried in fat)." Read more>

Indie Tulsa Website, June 2007

"The only bad thing about eating at the White River Fish Market is the difficulty of deciding what to order. Gumbo or Red beans and Rice? Grilled Salmon or Shrimp?" White River is quite literally a fish market, but if your cooking skills are less than stellar, you are in good hands, because most of White River's floor space is devoted to tables where waitresses deliver huge platters of some of the best seafood to be had anywhere." Read more>

Oklahoma Magazine's Best of the Best Award, July 2006

The readers of Oklahoma Magazine voted White River Fish Market the Best of the Best Aware for Seafood in July of 2006. Oklahoma Magazine has the state’s most comprehensive dining guide, with hundreds of your favorite restaurants and a few that you’ve yet to discover. Read more>

Oklahoma Magazine, August 2006

There aren't many eateries in Oklahoma that date back to the Great Depression. Tulsa's White River Fish Market and Sea Food Restaurant is one, and without question it's one of the best. The object of local and beloved allegiance from generations of Tulsans, White River is owned by Garry Cozby, who bought the place in the early '80s from the fallis family, which opened it in 1932. White River has been the stuff of local legend for many decades. Read more>

Tulsa World Newspaper, October 2005

"Jane and Michael Stern didn't plan to stop in Tulsa. But while they were passing through last week, on their wa to one of their all-time favorites, Van's Pig Stand in Shawnee, they remembered a spot in Tulsa. The White River Fish Market is a place their readers have long told them to try." Read more>

Tulsa World Newspaper, June 2004

"White River Fish Market, a culinary treasure for more than 50 years, built its reputation on fried preparations of seafood and fish. For years, life just didn't get much better than to sit down at White River for a plate of fried catfish, shrimp, or perch. The fish could be paired with fried hush puppies and fried onion rings --or maybe coleslaw, gumbo or red beans-and-rice." Read more>

Meat & Seafood Merchandising Magazine, March 2003

"In Tulsa, Oklahoma, the lines have been blurry for years. The Midwestern city is home to several well established seafood markets that offer sit-down meals and other added services. Take Bodean, for example. What started as a fish market has now grown to incluse not only a restaurant and 120-ft full service case featuring everything from tuna steaks to tabouli, but also a whole-sale business." Read more>

Bon Appetit Magazine, September 2002

"White River Fish Market & Seafood Restaurant has been serving the best seafood in town since 1932. White River does Catfish, Tilapia, Perch, Orange Roughy - You name it - fried, grilled, or broiled. Alongside, the choices range from the house's gumbo to onion rings to coleslaw to a big baked potato. When it comes time for dessert, the buttermilk pie and the sweet potato pie are musts." Read more>

Tulsa World Newspaper, May 1996

"Garry Cozby says the gumbo served up at the White River Fish Market restaurant has become sort of a calling card. Although it may be his signature dish today, Cozby remembers the gumbo had an innocent enough beginning in 1983, two years after Cozby purchased the fish market and restaurant from Oran Fallis." Read more>

Tulsa World Newspaper, January 1994

"White River Fish Market and Restaurant is approaching old age at full speed. The market opened 62 years ago. O.T. Fallis, founder and owner for almost half a century, added the restaurant 10 or 15 years later." Read more>

Tulsa World Newspaper, 1981

"The fishing's good the year around at 1708 N Sheridan Road. Garry Cozby is the new owner of the White River Fish Co, a restaurant and seafood market, but O.T. Fallis who started the business 49 years ago still does the buying." Read more>

Tulsa World Newspaper, 1980

"White River Fish Market and Restaurant is as close as you can come to a river-bank fish fry. 'You pick'em, we fry-em', is the restaurant motto. There is nothing fishy about the price; it's one of the best bargains in town." Read more>